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After School Taekwondo Programs in Alpharetta

In search of the perfect after school activity for your child? Look no further than the taekwondo programs offered at Master Pius Martial Arts. Our classes are the perfect solution for the active, energetic, and curious child.

We offer a number of different instruction levels for children of all ages. Your child will enjoy the countless physical and mental benefits of martial arts. Our classes are taught in a social and high-energy setting where all are welcome. Your child will develop invaluable life skills and create lasting friendships.

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Fun, Engaging Taekwondo Classes for Kids

More parents are choosing the many advantages of martial arts classes for their children. There is no shortage of options for after school activities for kids, but now more than ever, children need fitness and exercise classes made fun.

Master Pius Martial Arts believes in the unlimited benefits of martial arts instruction, particularly from a young age. Children are taught the importance of discipline, respect, focus, patience, and confidence. They learn about teamwork and leadership in addition to individual performance.

Our martial arts classes offer a healthy outlet for kids to enjoy fitness and develop their social skills.

After School Program for Kids’ Taekwondo, Homework Time, and Snacks

Our inviting and conveniently located facility is the perfect place for after school activities. As part of our curriculum, children have time to enjoy a healthy and energizing snack after school. We also build in homework time as part of our program, which parents are certain to appreciate.

We recognize that each child has a different way of learning, and we emphasize the individual approach. Children will develop a firm grounding of martial arts and increase their skills at each session. Our expert, martial arts instructors, will ensure your child is equipped with the knowledge to succeed in countless areas of life.

Taekwondo: The Perfect After School Activity for Your Child

Parents all over Alpharetta and the surrounding area choose us for our martial arts instruction. Our expertise, beautiful and modern location, and flexible scheduling options make us the perfect addition to your child’s busy schedule.

Martial Arts Instructors with Years of Experience

Our martial arts instructors have decades of practice and training experience, combined with extensive credentials and qualifications. We are proud to be recognized as leaders in our field.

Our passion lies in instilling the value of martial arts in children of all ages. We also strive to offer our classes at affordable rates for parents. We have established a considerable reputation in our field, and we look forward to helping your child succeed in the fascinating world of martial arts.

Sign Your Child Up for Beginner Taekwondo

If you and your child are searching for an after-school experience like no other, you have come to the right place. Master Pius Martial Arts provides outstanding martial arts instruction to children of all ages and skill levels.

Our after-school sessions allow the chance to make friends, build skills, and, most importantly, have lots of fun. Contact us to sign your child up!

Dr Roy Reynolds

After-school program director, Marketing, sales at the Master Pius Martial arts Inc.