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Martial arts classes for adults in Sandy Springs

MPMA Alpharetta Saturday class

For students who have passed the ripe age of 13 years, an Adult class is available to veteran Black Belts,
returning students, and individuals who would like to learn a new skill or get into shape.
There is no limit to the abilities that you can gain when attending this class.
Held four times a week, including Saturday sparring, there is a subject that can benefit everyone.

Poomsae: Enhance your balance, grace, and mentality by learning the traditional forms of taekwondo.
Sparring: This competitive sport is not merely about power, but technique, speed, and cunning as well.
Basic Korean-Style Training Drills: The time to put your ego aside is now. Test your endurance, cardio, and determination!
Self Defense: Gain practical knowledge that will increase your confidence and even save your life.